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APDEU (BE): Project Coordinator, owner and contact:

ACTIVE PROJECT DEVELOPMENT – EUROPE is active in the domain of Occupational Health and Safety, psycho-social matters, multicultural matters and equal opportunities for women on the workfloor. APDEU’s activities cover mainly international project development and coordination, coaching and training.

Kristien De Ro
+32 473 642 058


İlk sanal istihdam portalımız SVAClub.com un izleyiciyle buluştuğu 1999’dan beri, engelli ve dezavantajlı kişilerin, SME’lerin ve çeşitli disiplinlerden yetişkinlerin istihdam problemlerinin üstesinden gelebilmek amacıyla ICT tabanlı projeler, uygulamalar ve çözümler ile birlikte ihtiyaç ve tedarik modelleri de geliştirilmiş ve geliştirilmektedir.
Böyle bir altyapıyla son zamanlarda geliştirilen/yenilikçi ICT tabanlı ve Türkiye’nin önde gelen üniversiteleri ile işbirliği içinde gerçekleştirilen eğitim projelerine örnekler: özellikle engelli bireyleri hedefleyen PEDVA ve dezavantajlı bireyleri hedefleyen TourEast, istihdam edilebilirlikle ilgili VOCA, olarak verilebilir. Organizasyonun tüm ICT ile ilgili faaliyetlerinde, geleceğin dünya ekonomisinin bel kemiğini oluşturacağına inandığımız sanal öğrenme, sanal çalışma ve mesleki altyapı ve yeterliliklerin sanal olarak karşılıklı alış-verişi temel tema olarak işlenmiştir. POINT’in ICT uzmanlıkları; CMS, LMS geliştirilmesinden Web 2.0’ a, sosyal medya özelleştirilmiş uygulamalarına, ve hatta bu geliştirilen ürünlerde mühendislik tabanlı yapay zeka entegrasyonuna kadar pek çok konuda çeşitlilik göstermektedir.
Son zamanlardaki proje faaliyetleri, e-öğrenim faaliyetlerinin uygulanmasından önceki ve sonraki ECVET kredi seviyelerinin karşılaştırılması amacıyla önceki öğrenmenin ve mevcut becerilerin ve yeterliliklerin bulut tabanlı bir veri tabanına yüklenmesini de içermektedir.
POINT’in ileri hedefleri, birikimi olan bu altyapıyı, güncel eğitim ve istihdam platformlarının iyileştirilmesine yardımcı olacak/destekleyecek sağlam sonuçlar elde etmek amacıyla, ICT doğrultusunda sanal faaliyetlere (e-öğrenim, e-çalışma, e-tutorluk) yönelik olarak geliştirmek ve kullanmaktır.


The National Actiecomité voor Veiligheid en hygiëne in het Bouwbedrijf (NAVB or National Action Committee for Health And Safety in the Construction Industry in English) is a building industry fund that is jointly administered by representatives from the employers’ federations and the trade unions. The NAVB’s objective is to promote the health and safety and hygiene conditions in the construction industry, drawing on all available means such as putting forward practical advice, supporting activities in the area of building industry safety, launching every necessary initiative (e.g. purpose-specific campaigns) to accomplish these goals.

Hendrik De Lange (BE): associate expert

Prevent (BE):

Prevent is a multidisciplinary institute which seeks to minimise occupational risks by promoting the quality of working conditions and by improving work organisation.
The institute is active in research and supports, advises and informs companies and institutions, as well as workplace-accident insurance companies, external occupational prevention and protection services, professional associations, the social partners, authorities and other stakeholders. Its national and international training activities are organised through the Prevent Academy for Working Life.


After the expansion of the port of Antwerp end sixties, VIBNA (Vereniging van Industriële Bedrijven ten Noorden van Antwerpen) was founded in 1973.
VIBNA is an association of 45 (petro)chemical and storage and handling companies in the port of Antwerp.
VIBNA is active in the domain of safety and health and has 3 major goals:
- represent the common interests of the companies towards the public and local government
- develop common good safety and health practices
- promote mutual information and consultation about safety and health matters

ArcelorMittal (BE):

ArcelorMittal Gent (the new name of Sidmar) is a maritime and integrated steelworks. We handle every step of the production process ourselves, from the supply of raw materials to the coating of steel and the production of laser-welded blanks. As we are the most highly integrated steel producer in the ArcelorMittal group, knowledge is smoothly and quickly disseminated among our various departments. Each year we produce 5 million tonnes of flat steel sheet for our automotive customers and for all kinds of high-quality applications such as domestic appliances and furniture.
ArcelorMittal Gent is located on the right bank of the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal, about 20 km from the centre of the city of Ghent. Employing approximately 5,000 people, we are the largest private employer of the province of East Flanders. The knowledge and dedication of our employees constitute some of our major advantages. They play an indispensable role in further increasing safety, quality and productivity, among other things.


The main objective is to promote and encourage AGIFODENT European programs, training and IT sector in our region, as key elements for the economic and social development. Therefore AGIFODENT is a non-profit institution and our main interests and goals are united by a single administration and management. This promotes initiatives aimed at promoting ICT in all areas: its use at an educational level, in businesses and homes, the integration of new technological elements and all kinds of statements in ICT, besides the development and promotion of the ICT in the business sector.


The Bulgarian Industrial Association – Union of the Bulgarian Business (BIA) is a voluntary, non – governmental organization of the Bulgarian industry, established on 25 April 1980. Members of BIA are over 40 000 companies, among which 263 of the 300 largest companies in Bulgaria. BIA is an umbrella organization with a well-built matrix structure, comprising more than 100 sector organisations and over 100 regional and municipal organisations. BIA offers specific service to its members and represents their interests in shaping the social-economic policy and legislation in the state councils, international and other organisations through participation in partnership bodies on a national, sector and regional level.


Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação (SPI) is an International Management Consultancy and Training Company founded in 1996 as an active centre of national and international networks connected to the business innovation sector. In addition to its headquarters in Porto, Portugal, SPI has offices in Spain, USA and People’s Republic of China, which facilitate the development of contacts in key institutions worldwide and an extensive experience in various areas. The services provided by SPI can be included in the following areas: Consultancy, Research & Development, and Training.

Prevention and Interim (BE):

Prevention & Interim (PI), the Central Service for Prevention for the temporary agency sector is a non profit organization, founded in 1998 whose mission is to fight against industrial accidents by raising awareness of safety at work. PI speaks to all employment agencies, temporary workers and to all companies in which temporary workers fulfill their missions. The central cell of prevention is responsible for the global policy in collaboration with one or more link staff of each employment agency.
PI aims to reduce the number and severity of accidents suffered by the interim to improve the monitoring of their health when their mission is risky, make sure they are not more exposed to these risks than other workers and finally, to propose practical and effective measures to promote their well-being at work.
In order to achieve this, PI conducts research on hazards and recurring deficiencies in the prevention, compiles statistics on accidents at work and analysis it, advises temporary employment agencies, develops training and organizes prevention campaigns .A large part of the work of PI consists on producing teaching materials (documents, leaflets, brochures, booklets, videos, CDs, posters, website …) to the attention of temp agencies, temporary workers and business users.


EPYC is a software company specialized in E-learning development for both content and software. With clients in very different sectors (Publishing companies, Chemical plants, government, Education..) we have a very wide range of experience when it comes to understanding clients, and thinking along with them.
Serious Gaming is another important part of our business, because what better way to learn something than playing with it!
So if you are thinking about starting an e-learning project, wether it is computerbased, tablet or mobile phone enabled, or you just want to pick our brain : contact us!



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